Front Desk

Lobby space to our members and their guests visiting one of the finest Clubs around. A dedicated and trained staff available at the help desk from Morning 7:00 am to 10 pm to cater all the needs.


Social Settings

Successful people have cultivated themselves for the best yield. They originate in habits. Success has a destination at our social settings.

Bar & Restaurant

Blue Roof Club has a spacious Bar and Restaurant for 100 persons. Our menu includes Continental, Chinese and Traditional Indian Food. We offer wide range of cocktails and mocktails at our Bar facility.

Coffee Shop

We have Live Sports and other Broadcasts on the large screen in our Coffee Shop. Great enjoyment of life is to sip a cup of your favourite coffee and watch your favourite sport on the large screen at our coffee shop. Visit our coffee shop any time of the day and make your day quite joyful.

Pool-side Gazebos

Gazebos provide a fantastic shaded spot for you to relax and enjoy. A Gazebo is an ideal partner of a swimming pool. With a pool and gazebo combo you can swim on a hot day and then sit in the shade when you are done. The compact design of our gazebos allows them to be a perfect choice for unobtrusive relaxation.

Patio/Open Air Sit-Out

Thane weather is just perfect for Patio or Open Air Sit-Out. Outdoor seating can make all the difference between a celebration that sinks and one that soars. We offer varied patio ideas; a daybed repurposed as a chaise, a banquette strewn with colorful pillows and cushions, a lounge suspended from the ceiling. These inviting displays are more than just seating options as they create intimacy, make clever use of space, and are conversation starters in their own right.


Kiddiez’ Zone

As our kids grow, keeping them fit and healthy can be a real challenge. So we have made it easier for children to stay active and get more at Blue Roof Club. We offer them wide open spaces. Open ground brings in clean air. We have designated, monitored and safe play areas. What more could a child ask for.

Sports and Activities

Successful people have different life patterns, interests, passions and accomplishments. Blue Roof Club suffice all the requirements of successful people who possess certain qualities and habits which inspire us to offer our entire club facilities at the most professional manner. At the Blue Roof Club you can avail of many of our physical facilities.


Successful people know that physical exercise is the key to mentally and physically push them further. It is one of the most important habits that transform your daily life. Blue Roof Club Gymnasium offers you world class Health and Fitness Facilities. We also have trained instructors who can assist you and are always at your call.

Pristine Blue Swimming Pool

Are you aware that successful people simply recharge themselves up to perform their best? What better way to recharge than by taking a time out and enjoying in the bluest of blue pool? By recharging and performing at your best, you set yourself up to accomplish even more. Our blue swimming pool undergoes continuous filtration and is always under the watchful eyes of life guards to protect the swimmers in case of emergency.

2 International-Size Enclosed Wooden Floored Badminton Courts

Badminton is one of the most popular sports for both enjoyment and physical exercise. Badminton can be an energetic pursuit or daily workout, depending on the individual choice. Successful people daily play badminton at any of our 2 well maintained International-size enclosed wooden floored badminton courts.

International Standard Squash Court

Find respect on our Squash Court, where success sounds like 'Thwap!' Daily workout at our well maintained world class squash court can be rejuvenating experience for you.

Enclosed Lawn Tennis Court

Blue Roof Club offers well maintained enclosed lawn tennis court. Behind every successful tennis player there is a great reason, a grand goal. Come and put yourself through a physical and mental mangle for a multitude of motivations. Sweat out at our lawn tennis courts and get revitalized.

Indoor Games

Blue Roof Club offers bouquet of indoor games like billiards, pool and snooker tables, table tennis, rifle shooting range, carom and chess.

Open Ground

We also have an acre of open ground for niche activities like kite flying, Frisbee, astronomical activities at night etc.

Rifle Shooting Range

We also have an air rifel shooting.



AC Conference Room

This air conditioned Conference Room can seat 50 people or can be arranged as a theatre-style seat for 150 pax. The ideal setting for internal meetings, brainstorming sessions or business conferences.


Duplex Suites

What’s more! We also offer Duplex Suites and a Star Room for stay-over. Well appointed and spacious duplex suites to ensure comfortable stay for a business traveler. These suites offer all the modern amenities, comfort and privacy.



The Blue Bells Banquet Hall

The Blue Bells Banquet Hall is ideal to cater up to 500 pax. As the name suggests, this hall is suitable for moderate wedding or any sales meet with all facilities.

AC Banquet Hall

This Air Conditioned Banquet Hall is the ideal place to hold a birthday party or small corporate event for up to 120 pax with all facilities available.


Event Venue

Successful people are very selective about venues to hold the events that mark their lives. Whether you plan a large-scale conference, a mid-level event, or just a small meeting, The Blue Roof Club offers the perfect venue for your events. Here you can celebrate engagement, mehndi, sangeet, wedding, lohri, kojagiri, or other family functions like get-togethers, re-unions or can hold corporate events like workshops, exhibitions etc. The Blue Roof Club offers choice of venues for 20 to 2000 persons and all of our venues are associated with sound, lights, setting and decoration. We can also provide event management team.

The Blue Lawn

The Blue Lawn is a vast event venue site that caters up to 2000 pax. This venue is ideal for those large sized corporate events or super size weddings with all essential amenities at your disposal.

The Green Lawn

The Green Lawn is a medium space event venue that caters up to 1000 pax. All the event related facilities are available for the medium size events happening at this venue.

Open Air Patio

Open Air Patio is a venue that can cater up to 200 pax. If you are thinking of celebrating a family party or a get together in open air, this is the ideal venue with all facilities.

Party Venues

We also offer Party Venues of varied sizes to cater compact gathering of up to 50 pax along with party facilities.