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We are at Yeoor Hills

The Blue Roof Hill Side

Success is exclusive

The Blue Roof Hill Side is a private bungalow located at the very heart of Yeoor Hills. It is situated 1300 feet above sea level, miles away from the dust and grime of city. Separate yourself from the daily rush life of the city and seclude yourself alone or with your family at this spacious wooden bungalow with all the modern amenities hidden within. The Blue Roof Hill Side so easily blends with the environment. The ambiance here clears the mind and lifts the spirits. As you walk on the wooden planks towards the restaurant, you will experience the lush green grass, beautiful different types of plantations with rare tropical ferns, orchids, palms, seasonal flowers & other rare floral species from the tropics.

For the incurably romantic, the terribly adventurous or the complete workaholic, this place is the home away from home. After all successful people need a refreshing break to recharge their batteries.


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  • Open garden sitting

  • Swimming pool

  • Ample hall space for family

  • Lavish AC Room

  • 2 AC bedrooms

  • TV

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